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Preventive Maintenance Agreements


To help extend equipment life, lower energy bills, and prevent those surprise repairs, we offer Preventive Maintenance Agreements. With this economical prearrangement, we schedule a routine service call twice a year; ideally just as you are changing from heating to cooling and then again from cooling to heating your home. In this visit we shall perform a variety of maintenance procedures that include:

  • Cleaning Coils

  • Inspection of Relays and Contactors

  • Lubricating various components

  • Checking Refrigerant Charge

  • Changing System Filters

  • Changing System Filters

  • Checking UV Bulbs if applicable

  • Checking Air Purifiers and Electronic Air Cleaners

  • Heat Pumps

  • Gas and Oil Furnaces

  • Air Conditioners

  • Gas and Oil Boilers

  • Radiant Floor Heating

  • Geothermal Systems

  • Indoor Air Quality Products

  • Mini-Split and VRF Systems 

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